Dust and Gas in Warehouse Spaces

Indoor warehouse pollution
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We have talked much about the importance of indoor air quality in schools, offices, and other commercial buildings.

But this time, we are talking about warehouses because their indoor air quality is still an underexposed topic.

Warehouses are already enclosed spaces, and on top of that, the industrial processes add to the indoor air quality. In fact, industrial warehouses are notorious for poor ventilation systems.

Consequently, it degrades indoor air quality and exposes workers to multiple health hazards. It seems like the quality of indoor air in warehouses and other industrial facilities has been forgotten, but the key to their efficiency is still optimal air quality.  

Multiple researchers suggest that optimum quality of indoor air improves concentration and productivity levels, while poor quality hinders the efficiency of workers, causing damage to people and profit.

Workers within industrial warehouses and workshops are exposed to different gases, welding fumes, chemicals, and gases, and it is a substantial issue that needs to be addressed immediately.  

What Causes the Poor Indoor Air Quality in Warehouses? 

There are many processes and chemical emissions that degrade the quality of air within warehouses. Let’s have an overview.  

Carbon monoxide is the most dangerous pollutant known for declining indoor air quality and damaging human health.

There is always a threat of carbon monoxide poisoning due to inadequate measures, and it can have a substantial impact on human health.

The early symptoms are unspecified but may include dizziness, nausea, and headache; however, longer exposure or higher concentration results in death that too in a short span.  

Welding fumes are another source that pollutes the air in warehouses. They emit as a result of welding and other related processes, such as grinding and sanding. Welding fumes are a mixture of different gases, particles, and chemicals, which, if inhaled, can damage the lungs and cause other health-related problems.  

The poor ventilation system also adds to the degradation of air quality within warehouses, specifically in winters. Warehouses are sealed in cold weather, which suspends the particles in the air.

Hence, ventilation is absolutely essential for warehouses to prevent particles from penetrating the airways and causing greater damage.  

Volatile Organic Compounds are also common, and they can emit from different daily-use products, such as paints, solutions, and cleaning agents. VOCs exposure may result in breathing difficulties, nausea, and eyes, nose, and throat irritation. In some cases, exposure to these compounds also aggravates the symptoms of asthma and respiratory diseases.  

All these issues cause significant health problems. While immediate effects may result in headache, fatigue, and nausea, the long-term impacts are more damaging, as they can cost someone’s life.

Not only do these causes pose health damage but also business losses. You will probably receive higher sick leaves if you have poor indoor air quality in your manufacturing warehouse.

This situation only leads to a decline in productivity and an increase in the absenteeism rate. As a result, there is an unexpected delay in core operations, causing significant loss to your business.  

What is the Solution? 

The only solution is to install an industrial-grade air purifier that filters the air from pollutants, dirt, and dust. Not only does the technology will increase productivity levels but also improve the efficiency and bottom line of your company.

It will also prove that you do not only care for profits but also the assets of your company – employees.  

Though there are many air purifiers on the market, Euromate Pure Air is an industry-leading company that promises smart engineering and innovative technology.

We provide solutions for every warehouse, be it small or large. Euromate’s HF Industrial is a robust air cleaner featuring the main filter and a fan. It is typically a choice for large industrial warehouses for the removal of coarse and fine dust particles and airborne pollution.

There are three types of main filters in HF Industrial air cleaner – HFE (extracts dust, smoke, and oil particles), HFC (extracts odor and gases), and HFM (extracts fine dust and rubber particles).  

The second product is Dust Free Industrial 8500. It is specifically engineered for the industrial environment to remove fine dust particles. Not only does it ensure a dust-free environment, but it also features ease of use and durability.

DFI 8500 is also known to cut costs significantly, such as 70% on cleaning costs, 30% on maintenance costs, and 30% on energy costs.

We also offer a special version to prevent the risk of COVID-19 virus transmission in industrial warehouses. The special version features a HEPA 13 filter to remove airborne particles with more than 99 percent efficiency.  

If you have recently experienced a decline in the productivity level of your employees and an increase in absenteeism, you might want to check your indoor air quality levels.

You can always opt for Euromate Pure Air’s air purification technology for premium air filtration. For more details, contact us today.

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