Do You Need An Air Purification Service With Your Cooling System?

Air Purification Service
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Can your Air conditioner filters work as an air purifier? Some Air conditioner models have air purification filters but Air Conditioner In-built dust filters aren’t designed to remove smoke. All the air conditioners have some form of air purification filter. The Only HEPA filter in air purifiers is a better bet for cleaning indoor air 

Ionisation filters

They are at least better than In-built dust filters but it mostly focuses on fine dust, odors, allergens, and germs filtration. Ions react with pollutants to carry out oxidization or be thrown out with the air to stick to the floor or surface. They need replacement from time to time and can create ozone while oxidation can irritate your throat, it’s best not to choose this option if you have any respiratory disorder. 

Catechin Filters

It is a plant extract that can trap and kill bacteria, mold spores, etc. The air filter you will choose may not be compatible with all the air conditioners and can decrease the efficiency of your air conditioning that may lead to high energy usage.

Euromate Pure Air – VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner

It offers different versions of filters that can be used in unique combinations to tackle different kinds of air pollution. It is suitable for medium to large locations. It can make your space dust-free, microbe-free, gas-free, smoke-free, and odor-free. You can place it anywhere in your space.

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