Man working in a dental lab with dental air purifier installed
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Dentalform Dental Technology is a modern dental laboratory in The Hague Netherlands and was formed by Ben Mulder and Mark van Beek in the mid-1990s. As a dental laboratory, countless activities are conducted with machinery and create numerous amounts of dust. This results in notably polluted air, which is unhealthy for employees and patients, also creating an unhygienic working environment.


 Dental Form Dental Technology master all disciplines of the profession, however, specialise primarily in metal (gold) works, making superstructures on implants and porcelain casts. Dental Form work in an efficient way allowing them to offer short delivery times to their customers and personal attention to their patients. Therefore, it is very important to welcome their customers into a clean and professional environment that is not a dusty mess. Given their work, their workspaces forms a lot of dust and they needed a healthy work environment for their employees.


 The situation was first examined by Euromate and the advice issued was a VisionAir1 wall model. Later the model was replaced by a VisionAir2 ElectroMax with a greater capacity, ensuring air pollution is removed down to the smallest fractions. Mr. Mark van Beek said “The partnership with Euromate is excellent… A solution was simply necessary given the amount of dust. It is a reliable company… the product is also reliable, and user friendly.” Dentalform found that soiled filters at every service showed a well-made choice.