Preparing Company Environment in a Post-Pandemic World

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People in an office after covid

What did your workplace look like in times of pandemic? An influx of disinfectants, masks, sanitizers, and gloves was all over the place.

However, we live in a post-pandemic world now, where COVID restrictions are easing out. Workers are returning to the office after COVID and adapting to the new normal, implying that traditional workplace environments are no longer safe. 

While strict precautionary measures are long gone in most workplaces across the globe, one measure is here to stay – maintaining healthy indoor air quality.   

Returning to the office after COVID means a busier-than-usual workplace. Maintaining a healthy workplace has become significant to ensure safety from the virus. 

Not only do optimal indoor air quality levels mitigate the risk of infection spread, but previous research studies also exhibit the linkage between indoor air quality, cognitive function, and the productivity of employees.


Ventilation is the Key to a Healthier Workplace Environment 

The pandemic has proven that inadequate ventilation is the driving factor for active infection cases in enclosed spaces. Experts had declared that the novel coronavirus is airborne, which means that aerosols carry the virus and travel in the air. 

It was more dangerous because the risk of contamination was always present. It led to the implementation of work-from-home practices almost everywhere until experts signified the importance of ventilation and its role in curbing virus transmission. 

Ventilation is now a fundamental player in diluting the concentration of virus particles. It swaps out germy air and replaces it with fresh outdoor air, leaving indoor air quality healthy and safe for everyone. 

The fact also applies to the post-pandemic world because air is generally toxic in crowded places. Human exposure to toxic air for prolonged hours results in multiple health conditions and impacts workers’ capabilities. 

However, the construction of many buildings does not allow occupants to open windows and let the fresh air inside. If that is the case, how should workplaces prepare their environment for a busier setting in a post-pandemic world? Equipping air purification technology is the ultimate solution. 


Air Purifiers for the Ultimate Filtration 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends the installation of air purifiers to supplement ventilation. While the general purpose of air cleaners is to filter the air, they cannot eliminate smaller particles like that of Sars-Cov-2. Therefore, EPA recommends air purifiers with HEPA filters. 

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air [filter]. It is a mechanical filter that pushes the air through a fine mesh and traps toxic particles, such as dust, dirt, pollen, and bacteria.

HEPA is theoretically known to capture harmful pollutants and airborne virus particles of size as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97 percent efficiency.

0.3 microns, according to the EPA, are the worst-case scenario, and HEPA removes smaller or larger particles with even higher efficiency. 

Euromate Pure Air – Making Air Cleaning Possible 

Euromate Pure Air is a leading name in air purification technology. Our product portfolio includes VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield purifiers that have created a benchmark in the industry with their feature-rich technology.

Both air purifiers are plug & play made-to-measure systems and are proven effective in boasting 99 percent efficiency. 

VisionAir Blue Line is a new generation of air cleaners. It features seven filter combinations for the best indoor air quality. These filter combinations allow you to target specific pollution areas. 

  • Dust-Free to target fine dust particles
  • Microbe Free to filter viruses and bacteria
  • Gas Free to eliminate toxic gases
  • Smoke-Free to clean smoke
  • Odor-Free to remove odor nuisance 

Similarly, Pure Air Shield is another Euromate air purifier that works the best for office rooms. It features eight settings that you can adjust according to your room size and the number of people present.

PAS 3300 has five air exchanges per hour, which means that it replaces stale air with fresh five times an hour. Also, it has a quieter operation, so your meetings are as seamless as you want them. 

Benefits of Euromate Air Purifiers in a Post-pandemic World 

  • Maximizesenergy efficiency
  • Decreases absenteeism
  • Decreases medical costs
  • Increases productivity 

Should you need more information about our air purifiers, feel free to drop your queries.

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