Dental Grade Air Purifier

Improve air quality in dental practice​
Get rid of mercury vapors, fine particulates, micro-organisms, monomers, porcelain, airborne metal, ceramic particles, chemical disinfectants, along with bacteria and viruses.
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VisionAir Blue Line
Filters 99.95% of pollutant common in dental clinics and labs.
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Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree air purifier is the perfect solution for the dental practice as it offers multi-stage filtration. It is fitted with a dental filter that removes mercury vapour, porcelain and other common air pollutants in the dental environment. To eliminate the odour, the polluted air is drawn in and filtered via the CarbonMax filter. This filter contains carbon that adsorbs gases and odours, thus ensuring odour-free air. Please get in touch with us today to speak to our air purification experts

Clean your indoor air today!

Healthy supply of fresh air for your staff and patients

Energy efficient: heated and cooled air is well dispersed in the treatment room and not directly blown out

Get distinctive within the industry for staff and patients

No more problems with unpleasant odours and dust

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VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner

Prevent polluted indoor air from threatening your health.

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