Dental Lab

Improve air quality in a dental laboratory

Dental laboratory involves the use of plastic, plaster and monomers due which the indoor air is continuously polluted with odours, stench, fine particulates and vapours, which is unhealthy and bothersome for both staff and patients. It can cause respiratory and pulmonary problems as well as allergic reactions. Improving the air quality in a dental laboratory is necessary to solve these problems

Healthy supply of fresh air

Lower cleaning costs: less pollution in the air that settles on surfaces.

Lower absence due to illness: personnel work in healthy air.

better quality of work environment.

Euromate’s Solution to dental laboratory

Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner is the perfect solution for dental labs as it can reduce the quantity of dust and fine particulates from plastic and plaster, as well as monomers. To eliminate the odour, the polluted air is drawn in and filtered then odour-free air is blown back into the room. CarbonMax filter is used for this as purpose as it contains carbon that to adsorb gases and odours

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VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner

Prevent polluted indoor air from threatening your health.

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