Viruses and Bacteria

Stop exposing yourself and your loved ones to the invisible and harmful Bacteria, Viruses, Germs, allergens and other aerosols in the air.

Clean up to 99% of air through our range of Medical Grade Air Purifiers removing aerosols, bacteria, viruses, germs and allergensOur Air Purifiers offer a multi-layered filtration due to a combination of Pre, Electrostatic, HEPA 14 and Activated Carbon Filters. They are Plug and Play units that ensure easy installation. All of our Air Purifiers are ISO Certified and CE approved. Ensure a coronavirus-safe environment thanks to the HEPA 14 filter.

Suitable for Residential, Commercial, Medical and Industrial Premises.


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Our Range

Equipped with a pre-filter and a certified HEPA 14 filter for effective cleaning of up to 99.995% of the suspended particulate and aerosols from the air. Suitable for large indoor spaces. Get rid of COVID-19 Particles from the environment! 

Filters 99% of the indoor air. Available in 7 Filter combinations for optimum indoor air quality. Suitable for small to medium indoor spaces.  Proven by research against Covid-19.  Provides 4 layers of filtration along with UV lights.

Range of Filter combinations available


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