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Remove odour and gas pollution for good

Pollution from odours and gases is a major problem for many workplaces. In the catering industry and heavy industry in particular, employees often must deal with odours and gases that can be extremely harmful to health and cause headaches and irritation to the eyes and airways. The Euromate professional odour control solutions are available to help relieve combat these issues and relieve odour and gas problems in any environment!

Tackling odour pollution with effective air cleaners.

There is an increasing level of attention on odours and gases in living and working environments. Reaction gases from welding and chemical odours given off by paint, chlorine and body odours cause the most problems, contaminating the lungs without ever being noticed. Various studies show that occupational exposure to ethylene oxide, for example, can increase a person’s risk of developing cancer. Restaurants, cafés and other catering outlets, as well as physiotherapists, dentists, care homes and daycare centres all suffer problems with odours and gases. A professional odour control solution from Euromate can help to tackle this problem quickly and effectively. Euromate offers the ideal solution in the form of high-quality air-cleaning products, specialising in odour and gas extraction, and with an appropriate solution for every situation.  From industrial odour control in large warehouses to air cleaners for offices and smaller spaces, Euromate has a solution for your problems.

Benefits of of Odour control:

Remove unpleasant odours and smells

Remove harmful gases

Create a healthier working environment

Reduce maintenance on ventilation systems resulting in fewer faults

Save on cleaning costs

Reduce energy consumption and reduced absence due to illness by removing allergens


Harmful viral particles

Suggested Products

VisionAir Blue Line air cleaner

Prevent polluted indoor air from threatening your health.

HF Industrial Aircleaner

Removes (fine) dust, smoke and oil particles in industrial buildings.

SF Kitchen Filtration System

Limited odour nuisance and risk of fire.

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