Corona Virus

The VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree is the air cleaner to minimize COVID-19 from the air. At the heart of this air purifier is a unique filter package that makes sure that small particles are filtered out of the air. Some of the many particles that the MicrobeFree filter package purifies includes, bacteria and viruses (including the COVID-19 virus) aerosols and fine dust mercury, porcelain, and ceramic particles. 

Proven by TNO and VTTVisionAir Blue Line effective against COVID-19. 

Recent independent research by the reputable Finnish VTT and the conclusion from TNO has shown that the VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree removes the COVID-19 virus from the air with high efficiency! Viruses like COVID-19 need a carrier such as an aerosol, which is emitted by people talking, coughing and breathing. The VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree air purifier captures more than 99% of all particles larger than 1 µm. The report states that “the worst-case efficiency with which particles are filtered is above 97% for particles of 0.1 µm”. However, the efficiency of the device has been tested on particles even smaller. This concludes that the VisionAir Blue Line MicrobeFree filters COVID-19 particles in its filter. 

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