Air Quality in Manufacturing Warehouses

Dust free industrial air purifier in a plastic recycling warehouse
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Do you think about indoor air quality? Often, indoor is five times more polluted than the outdoor air, especially when we are talking about manufacturing warehouses and facilities.  

 The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that a person breathes between 17,280 and 23,040 times a day. 

Inhaling contaminated air can significantly affect workers health, leading to frequent employee turnover and sick days. 

Moreover, a research study was conducted to assess the financial impact of poor indoor air quality. It was discovered that lost workdays  could approximately cost $180 million, while healthcare costs could reach $36 billion on an annual basis. 

The figure indicates that the indoor environment could have profound impacts not only on the overall health but also on the company’s bottom line. 

It is particularly relatable in manufacturing workshops that are known to be highly contaminated due to the number of dust particles released from different industrial processes. 

On top of that, chemical gases, smoke, welding fumes and dirt buildup further degrade the air quality in manufacturing warehouses. 

Dust particles can also be detrimental to your machines. Buildup causing improper functioning, leading to delayed operations. 


What Makes Indoor Air Quality Poor in Manufacturing Warehouses? 

 Many reasons lead to the degradation of indoor air quality in manufacturing warehouses. Let’s explore them individually. 



 Good ventilation systems are equally paramount for industrial environments because they circulate fresh air into the area, reducing the concentration of airborne particles and the risk of other contaminants. 

Though some of the workshops have mechanical ventilation systems, the buildup of dirt and dust particles blocks the air ducts, hindering the proper and effective process of ventilation. 

As a result, the contaminated particles hang in the air for longer, affecting the wellbeing of workers. 



 Sawdust can become a potential threat to indoor air quality and the workers’ health. It is a result of various industrial processes like sanding, sawing, dry sweeping, and cutting, and once the particles release into the air, they become airborne.

Inhaling these wood dust particles can trigger multiple health conditions, causing irreversible health damage. 



 The process of welding releases chemical gases in the environment, leading to poor indoor air quality and potential health problems for workers.

Gases such as carbon monoxide, phosphine, and nitrous gases are released into the air during welding, contaminating the environment if not ventilated properly.

Moreover, welding smoke is also known to have gases and fumes. Substances such as fluorides, iron oxides, argon, helium, and argon are present in the welding smoke that contaminate the air and cause several health problems.

IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) estimates that workers’ exposure to welding fumes can result in lung and kidney cancer.  


Maintaining good indoor air quality should be the priority in workshops. We have learned that it is paramount for a variety of reasons, including mental and physical health as well.

Poor quality of air can trigger various health symptoms, and even mild exposure to the air quality can be fatal.

If you own a workshop, it is your primary responsibility to improve indoor air quality and provide your workers as well as visitors a safe and healthy environment to breathe. How to do that? Let’s find out. 

Air Purifier for Warehouse is the Ultimate Solution to Good Air Quality 

 If you are wondering about the solution to improving air quality, a Euromate air purifier for your warehouse is the answer.

A robust air filter that features advanced technology is important for industrial settings that include wood processing, metal processing, welding, and other similar processes.

However, before opting for any air purifier for your warehouse, you should make sure that it is not just a dust collector. It should have extraordinary properties to capture fumes, smoke, and other airborne contaminants from the air, leaving it all fresh and safe in the end.   

To help you deal with the challenge and streamline day-to-day operations, Euromate Pure Air is here to help with its air purifier for the warehouse.

Our highly-intelligent research and development team at Euromate has come up with an effective solution in form of our Dust Free Industrial 8500. 


Euromate Pure Air’s Dust-Free Industrial Tackles Poor Indoor Air Quality in Manufacturing Warehouses 


Euromate’s Dust-Free Industrial air purifier is an air purifier specifically engineered for industrial environments.

Unique in its class, our Dust Free Industrial (DFI) 8500 features innovative filtration technology, which allows continuous distribution of air in the area.

The efficient air cleaner not only promises to capture dust particles, fumes, and smoke but also a decrease in various costs. Want to know the details? Let’s dive in. 




This air purifier for the warehouse features a smart measurement and control system that promises a continuous capacity.

Moreover, it has SmartGrid and SmartThrust technology that enables the air cleaner to filter hard-to-reach areas.

The air cleaner also features a touchscreen, automatic adjustments, and an LED indicator that displays the device’s status. 



Not only does the air cleaner filter 90% of the air, but it also reduces cost and energy consumption. The efficient air purifier for warehouse can reduce absenteeism by 40%, cleaning costs by 70%, and electricity consumption by 30%.

Moreover, it adds value to your organization for it serves as a factor in improving your company’s bottom line, productivity levels, and environment altogether. 



 Our air purifier for warehouse is applicable in multiple areas. Besides wood processing and metal processing workshops, it is also a suitable option for retail businesses, construction markets, distribution centers, and wholesalers. 



The bottom line is that air quality is important in industrial settings. Various industrial processes contaminate the air quality and pose a potential threat to workers’ health.

In such a situation, you should opt for an air purifier for warehouse that is efficient and commercial grade. Euromate Pure Air’s DFI 8500 is an ideal choice if you are looking for one.

It has innovative technology that filters 90% of the air and captures airborne pollutants from the environment. 

Clean your indoor air today!