Air Purifier For Bushfire Smoke

No More Bushfire Air Pollution Problems At Commercial Establishments And Industries

Mr. Carlo van Hoey
Plant Manager at Chep in Bornem (BE)
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"On an annual basis these air cleaners make it possible to filter over 200 kg of fine dust out of the air!"
Mr. Elibert Hoogkamer
Managing Director of Kerger
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“It really does deliver clean air. We no longer experience any foreign odours and the units are almost silent!”
Mr. Elibert Hoogkamer
Owner of Physiotherapy Westland
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"To ensure a fresh and pleasant treatment room an air cleaner provides the perfect solution."
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“What is particularly noticeable since the installation of the air purifiers is that the peaks of odour nuisance are less intense and that the air quality quickly returns to normal levels.”
Mr. Bert Streppel
Senior employee Facility Management, Ricoh
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I’m so happy with those air cleaners! They work exceptionally well, complaints have vanished and employees are satisfied.”
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Protect Commercial And Industrial Indoor Environments From Hazardous Bushfire Air Pollution

Aerial view of Bushfire smoke in Australia

Bushfire smoke poses a high-grade health risk. A research study shows bushfire air pollution contains hazardous gasses and particulate matter that irritate eyes, pollute the respiratory tract, and enter the bloodstream, causing severe health issues. This pollution affects cardiovascular and mental health, causes respiratory problems, has potent carcinogenic effects, and is detrimental to pregnant women and fetuses. Bushfire smoke also has serious societal impacts.

The severity of experiencing health problems depends on the concentration of pollutants, duration of exposure, person’s health condition, and age. Controlling the concentration is the ultimate solution to save them from bushfire-related health hazards.

People visit commercial and industrial settings for various purposes. There are suppliers, visitors, customers, and employees. These people come from different age groups and with varying health conditions. Polluted indoor environments in commercial establishments and industries will affect many people.

The presence of micro-pollutants such as soot particles and ash from bushfire smoke causes damage to equipment, machinery, and raw and finished products. They also cause operational disruptions and increase maintenance and insurance costs.

Using an air purifier for bushfire smoke removes the hazardous air pollutants indoors. Commercial settings and industries require specially designed air purifiers to effectively clean gasses and particulate pollutants.  Euromate’s VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner for commercial spaces and HF Industrial Cleaner for industries are among the best air purifiers for bushfire smoke in Australia.

HF Industrial Air Cleaner

Euromate brings HF Industrial Air Cleaner, a heavy-duty air purifier for bushfire smoke in all industries. An industry’s environment gets pollution from different resources. This pollution damages products, causes surface contamination, mechanical failure and health hazards to the people coming to the industry. Due to the large area of the industries, indoor air cleaning is not as easy as at other locations. HF Industrial Air Cleaner is a perfect air purifier to remove all types of pollutants from an industry’s indoor environment. With its large capacity unit, the air cleaner efficiently removes fine dust, rubber particles, oil fumes, odor and gasses using advanced European air-cleaning technology. Enjoy a dirt and odor-free indoor industrial environment while improving product quality and employees’ health and enjoy cost-savings in operations.
HF Industrial air purifier for bushfire smoke Australia

Vision Air Blue Line

Euromate introduces VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner, a remarkable air purifier for bushfire smoke in commercial settings.

VisionAir Blue Line Air Cleaner is a guaranteed solution to clean indoor air in schools, offices, hospitals, care homes, cafes, salons, restaurants, and other commercial settings up to 99.99%. Its advanced unique filter combination system effectively targets all pollutants, leaving your spaces free of microbes, dust, odor, gasses and smoke.

Our specifically designed units are the best to use in commercial spaces in Australia’s unique environment. They have a large capacity to filter more air to keep the indoor environment healthy and fresh. The units are easy to install and come in easy-to-plug-and-play modes, enabling you to clean indoor air efficiently and effortlessly.

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Casino Royal

The air quality and atmosphere in the casino have improved significantly.

Mr. Dengel

I’m so happy with those air cleaners! They work exceptionally well, complaints have vanished and employees are satisfied.

Mr. Bert Streppel

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Vision Air Blue Line CommercialAir Purifier

Euromate’s commercial and industrial air purifiers have specialized air filters to clear various air pollutants and activated carbon that absorb smoke. Air purifiers with activated carbons can remove bushfire smoke, and air filters remove particles within the bushfire smoke.

Vision Air Blue Line Air Cleaner is the best air filter for bushfire smoke in commercial establishments, and HF Industrial Air Cleaner is perfect for industrial use. Air purifiers for bushfire smoke are designed according to the setting’s requirements. Large areas require air filters with more filtration capacity. Settings with dust, odours or any particular pollutant require specialized filters to clean the air effectively.

Air purifiers with HEPA, i.e. High-efficiency particulate air filters, can remove 99.9% of any airborne particles such as dust, pollen, bacteria and mold. They can filter particles of up to 3 microns in size. Although HEPA can filter the smallest particles in the smoke, it requires additional filters, such as activated carbon, to remove smells associated with smoke.

Euromate recommends maintenance of commercial air purifiers after every 3- 6 months for optimum performance. You may increase or decrease the maintenance frequency depending on usage. However, you must at least get maintenance once every year to keep your commercial air purifier in good shape.

Harsh chemicals can damage the unit’s exterior. We recommend using mild, non-abrasive units to wipe the unit to keep it free of dirt and debris.

Euromate offers warranty for commercial air purifiers. We have a dedicated customer service team to offer uninterrupted support. You can reach us by sending an email or call us at our contact number.

If you experience decreased air flow or any unfamiliar noise from your commercial air purifier check our troubleshooting guidelines to find the solution to the problem. You can also contact our service center for assistance.

Yes, you can install multiple air purifiers for a large commercial space. You should contact our technical staff to design the best set up as per your requirements.

Euromate’s commercial air purifier come with a filter replacement indicator. You can use indicator or check filter visually. A flter with changed color or dirt indicate that it’s the time to replace the filters.

Yes. commercial air purifiers have filters that remove dirt, pollens and irritants as small as 3 microns to improve air quality. Air purifiers with activated carbon filters can also help removing odors from indoor air.

Commercial air purifiers come with features that allow you to set different settings for different times of the day and specific pollutants. Our experts can help you with these settings.

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