Air Purification in the Aged Care Sector

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Clean air is one of the contributing factors in keeping health issues at bay for people of all ages. 

In the case of poor indoor air quality, multiple health conditions can be triggered and worsened, often ending fatally, specifically in the elderly. 

Though most indoor spaces have indoor air pollution, the aged care sector has been under the limelight for inadequate ventilation systems and poor indoor air quality. 



Older people have weaker immune systems that put them at a higher risk of catching a disease, infection, or virus.

That is why it is important for them to breathe clean air and maintain their health to function.

Following are some of the reasons that explain the need for clean air in old-age homes. 

They are highly susceptible to respiratory diseases 

Indoor air pollution contains particulate matter like dust mites, dirt, dust pollens, and gases, which, the researchers suggest, aggravate the symptoms of respiratory illnesses, including pneumonia, asthma, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people above the age of 65 are prone to respiratory issues. 

These kinds of health issues have been ranked at the fourth position on the list of major health concerns for the elderly. 

Moreover, they have also been ranked as the third-largest cause of death amongst the older generation.  

They suffer from the higher intensity of asthma symptoms 

Asthma can be lethal, specifically in the elderly due to their weak immune systems and physical inability to take preventative measures. 

There is also a high chance that side effects of different treatments and medication aggravate the symptoms of asthma; however, indoor air quality plays a critical role in this regard. 

Poor indoor air means that it contains irritants and allergens that can cause inflammation in the airways, leading them to tighten up and swell. 

As a result, it triggers asthma symptoms and causes shortness of breath. If the indoor air quality in Age car facilities is left untreated and unventilated, the situation could be fatal. 

The elderly have weaker immune systems 

Weaker immune systems indicate the insufficient ability to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Just like young children, older people also have weaker immune systems, which makes them highly prone to diseases and viruses. 

Moreover, if cognitive disabilities are present, such as dementia, it might lead them to miss out on preventative measures. 

Poor indoor air quality indicates the presence of harmful pollutants and airborne particles in the environment. 

The contaminated particles cause multiple health conditions to aggravate, which makes the immune systems of senior people even weaker; thus, shortening their lifespan. 



The question concerning how to purify the air in Age care homes remains a challenge because the sector is not as responsive and adaptive to technological advancements due to insufficient resources. 

However, one of the most convenient technologies on the market is air cleaners. 

The best air purification technology, such as Euromate, features easy install and operation features for added convenience. Moreover, there is a myriad of benefits of installing an air purifier in aged care homes.  

Air purifiers extract all the impurities from the environment by blowing fresh air indoors, mitigating the risk of multiple health conditions, including SARS-CoV2.

Air purification systems with HEPA filters are specifically known to provide protection against viruses and bacteria with their fine mesh up to 99.95%.  

With unlimited benefits, an air purifier also filters out dust, dirt, and allergens which might trigger multiple respiratory diseases. 

Conclusively, an air purifier is an all-inclusive solution for the aged care sector, which ultimately extends the lifespan of the elderly and maintains their health at an optimum level. 


 If you are wondering how to purify the air in your Age care facility, the answer is to install Euromate’s air cleaners. 

Our VisionAir Blue Line and PAS 3300 are specifically designed to tackle air pollution in schools, nursing homes, the aged care sector, and other healthcare facilities where it matters the most. 

As children and the elderly are at higher risk of reacting to the pollutants in the environment, both air cleaners are effective in capturing dust, dirt, pollens, allergens, and bacteria from the indoor air with 99.95 percent efficiency.

They also feature a HEPA 14 filter to capture small-sized suspended particles from the environment and provide multiple air exchanges for continuous airflow in the space.

Clean your indoor air today!