Air Purification For Schools Against Illness and COVID-19

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Children in a school

A majority of studies have shown that poor indoor air quality in educational institutions can have a negative impact on the health of occupants, learning capabilities, productivity, and performance.

Whilst most educational institutions do not have proper arrangements for adequate ventilation, the pandemic, and closure of schools due to the risk of virus transmission added to the increasing need for ventilation infrastructure so that facilities are able to prevent the future threat and provide students and staff with a safe and healthy learning environment. 

Schools should have been the last to close and the first ones to reopen amidst the pandemic, but the risk of virus transmission was high.

However, various studies surfaced on the internet, suggesting that we can reduce the risk of virus transmission by opting for air purification for schools.

According to estimates, an air purifier can reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission by a factor of twelve, removing 99.95% of aerosols that carry viruses.

Based on the universal formula to determine the risk of infection, engineer Bert Blocken suggested that an infected student can transmit the virus to 24 students in a class of 25 without air cleaning equipment.

However, in the presence of an air cleaner, the risk is reduced to an estimate of only two students. The calculations indicate that air purification for schools is a fundamental part of a multi-layered strategy to protect students against illnesses and COVID-19. 

Benefits of Air Purification for Schools 

Let’s unpack several benefits of air purification for schools.

Increased Productivity:

The indoor air in schools is 2 to 5 times more polluted. A research study by Harvard conducted on offices proved that clean and purified indoor air increased workers’ productivity by 8 percent.

It can also be applied to schools, supporting the fact that a hygienic environment in educational institutions can increase cognitive abilities and improve pupils’ productivity. 

Reduced Absenteeism:

The absenteeism rate is alarming in schools, and according to estimates, most students get sick due to respiratory illnesses. Good indoor air quality can reduce sick days and absenteeism rates.

The figures suggest a decrease in sick days by up to 60 percent with the help of air purification in schools. 

Reduced Risk of Infections:

Schools can witness a spike in infection due to people breathing in the shared air and the presence of aerosols in the environment.

During the pandemic, indoor air quality gained traction due to the virus being airborne.

The air purification technology with HEPA filters can dramatically reduce the risk of virus transmission and provide a safe environment for everyone. 

Reduced Odors:

Classrooms often smell musty due to poor ventilation. Moreover, children can be the source of odor nuisance due to sweat and being active throughout the day.

Bad odors can make air stale, making it difficult for students and teachers to adjust. Air purification for schools can keep the musty smell and stale air at bay, leaving a refreshing indoor air for breathing. 


Air Purification for Schools 

As suggested, air purification is a pragmatic and sustainable approach to protect students against illnesses and future threats, like the novel coronavirus.

It is also a part of a layered strategy for institutions, which means that air purification and upgrading ventilation systems should be paired with other safety measures to decrease the likelihood of infections.

While the current infrastructure of educational institutions does not allow for replacements, portable air cleaners are a cost-effective solution to make in-person learning effective, future-proof and valuable. 

Euromate Pure Air provides air purification technology for classrooms, auditoriums, and staffrooms.

VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield (PAS) 3300 are acclaimed and accredited air purifiers for domestic and commercial properties.

Both air cleaners feature certified HEPA filters to capture airborne viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants with 99% efficiency.

While you can adjust these air cleaners against the wall, we have portable versions for added convenience.

The best part is that our air purifiers feature multiple air exchanges every hour for constant air filtration, with low sound emission.

The PAS 3300 and VisionAir Blue Line also feature a carbon filter to remove odor nuisance. As a result, you will witness a decrease in the absenteeism rate and a spike in productivity and performance. 

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