Air Purification for Public Indoor Areas in the Colder Months

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As colder months approach, all we think about is spending our time indoors and snugging into layers of blankets with a cup of coffee for comfort and warmth. A majority of people perceive that colder months do not require air purification, but they are wrong. 

Here is the reality check – maintaining winter air quality is extra important in indoor spaces. We know this is quite surprising for some, but it is a fact for obvious reasons, which we will discuss in this blog post.  


Why Winter Air Quality is Important 

In summers, there is always an option to open windows near dusk to ventilate the space and let fresh air circulate within the room; it pretty much allows fresh outdoor air to exchange with stale air in the indoor area. 

However, it is quite the opposite in winters because we block open spaces that could potentially pass cold air into the room. While it provides nothing but comfort on frosty nights, it also traps indoor air pollutants within the room, leaving poor winter air quality to degrade your health. 

On top of that, the infrastructure of modern homes focuses on energy efficiency; hence, there is little to no room for natural ventilation. 

Besides, there are other reasons that make it even more important for us to maintain winter air quality, and they are discussed below:  

Contamination from Pet Dander  

Summertime is more like an outdoor picnic for household pets because they need fresh air. In winter, however, it is the opposite. Pet owners only take their furry companions out for a walk too occasionally. 

While you may enjoy your poodle’s company during reading sessions, it won’t be long enough to notice fur and dander in your room. According to American Lung Association, fur animals release dander which causes allergic reactions. 

Pet dander is airborne and can stick to fabric and furniture. Highly susceptible people may experience various health symptoms, such as shortness of breath, watery eyes, runny nose, and blockage of nasal passages. 

You can regularly clean your upholstery to remove fur. However, you will still require a high-technology air purifier to prevent the health effects of pet-related contamination.  

Contamination from Heat Sources 

People use a variety of heating methods to keep cold-weather effects at bay. While some opt for a furnace, others use heaters to keep them warm and cozy at all times. However, a lesser-known fact is that some of these heating sources are also sources of contamination.

For instance, heaters may release toxins, and stoves may produce ash into the air. Just because your indoor place might be fully packed to avoid any cold air, there is a high chance these toxins remain in the air and recirculate within the room. 

It leads to poor winter air quality and neglecting the prevention also adversely impacts human health.  


How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Winter? 

The winter season brings seasonal depression and stress. On top of that, poor winter air quality only adds to the problem. However, if you are wondering how to improve indoor air quality in winter, we have a solution for you – air purifiers. 

It is an easier, convenient, and cost-effective solution to improving indoor air quality in colder months. Euromate Pure Air has been leading in the Australian air purification market with its range of high-tech air cleaners. 

We ensure a safe and fresh breathing environment for everyone and have an air cleaner for workplaces, schools, medical facilities, and industries. 

Other advantages for maintaining winter air quality via purification technology are discussed below:  

Prevention of Dust Mites 

Heaters that have been dormant for half a year release dust mites when turned on for winters. Dust mites can trigger allergic reactions and asthma symptoms, but an air purifier will effectively remove dust and dirt particles from the environment, blowing fresh air multiple times an hour.  

Prevention of Pet Dander  

As we learned, pet dander can become airborne and cause various health problems. Air purifiers are a perfect alternative to maintain winter air quality and prevent pet dander from becoming airborne.  

Prevention of Airborne Diseases 

Airborne viruses can become worse in the winter season. On top of that, the season comes with other illnesses, such as sore throat, flu, cold, and runny nose. To prevent the risk of airborne diseases, it is important to maintain good airflow with multiple air exchanges per hour within the room. 

However, since ventilation is pretty poor in winters, it is better to opt for air purification technology that effectively captures airborne viruses.


Euromate Pure Air Ventilates and Purifies Indoor Air with Efficiency 

Euromate Pure Air has been a leader in the air cleaner industry. With the most innovative and smart air purifiers on the market, Euromate has developed its reputation for over forty years. 

Our VisionAir Blue Line and Pure Air Shield 3300 have been market winners when it comes to ventilating the space and purifying it from toxic pollutants. 

Not only do they capture dirt and dust buildup, but our air purifiers also filter out pet dander and other contaminated particles from the air, creating a safe environment for everyone throughout the winter season.

Clean your indoor air today!